Child Custody

Exercise Your Parental Rights by Filing for Custody

Exercise Your Parental Rights by Filing for Custody

You'll find a helpful child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL

Don't want to lose custody of your child in the divorce? The Law Office of Natashia A. Sinckler can advocate for you during your custody battle. We provide comprehensive family law services to protect the rights of parents in the West Palm Beach, FL area.

From creating a parenting plan to establishing paternity, our child custody lawyer can address all your legal concerns. Call 561-429-6571 now to schedule a consultation with attorney Sinckler.

Our child custody lawyer can come up with a customized solution once she understands your needs. Be prepared for attorney Sinckler to ask you:

Are you living with your child's other parent? If not, have you lived with them before?
Do you want joint or sole custody of your child?
If your child's other parent doesn't want custody, do they have the means to pay child support?

Attorney Sinckler will consider your answers to find a resolution that meets your needs. Reach out today to get family law services in or around West Palm Beach, FL.